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The Enhanced ADDIE Model ImageTypically in instructional systems design all instruction goes through a process called ADDIE. The ADDIE process model stands for Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. This process model generally flows in a linear fashion from one process step to the next. However, in new media/multimedia design projects this process is not as straight forward as seen in the ADDIE process. The Enhanced ADDIE Model™ was developed in order to integrate instructional design principles with those of new media/multimedia. In this process model the dynamics of this process is cyclical and recursive with the central element focused on formative evaluation. Once the dynamics of this process is completed through the application of each process step to produce a polished and refined product, then summative evaluation of the finished product is performed to validate its' effectivenes.

The Enhanced ADDIE Model™ is used throughout the development of the Choral Trainer project. Currently we are in the design and development stages of this project. We have completed phase one of this project. To see a working sample of our first prototype click here. Our prototype uses Macromedia Flash Player. You will need to make sure that you install the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player before you can view our prototype.

Macromedia Flash Player 6

The assessment stage of the process model is where the product goals, objectives, description, sequencing of instruction, target audience, and instructional strategies and methods are determined. This step is necessary in order to identify project needs as well as to define the parameters for the production of the product.

The design stage is where the entire design of the product is created through the creation of design documents and instruments. The follwoing list of design elements make up the full documentation for the entire project.

  • Design Document
  • Style Guide
  • Navigation Map
  • Content Documents
  • Audio Production Script(s)
  • Video Production Script(s)
  • Interface Templates.

The development stage is where all production is performed. This project will be developed for two delivery mediums: Computer-based and Web-based. A set of supplementary course materials will also be produced. The actual CBT and WBT versions will require full design, development, testing and evaluation of each module at specified milestones in order to properly prepare each module and supporting media components to meet the objectives of the program. The following development plan consists as follows:

  • Phase One: Design and Development of Units 1 & 2
  • Phase Two: Design and Development of Units 3 & 4
  • Phase Three: Design and Development of Units 5
  • Phase Four: Adaptation of WBT Version to CBT Version
    WBT Version: Internet/Distance Learning, CBT Version: Stand-alone CD-ROM application.
Implementation: The implementation stage is where the finished product is launched and released. However in the Enhanced ADDIE Model™ it is apart of the interactive process of producing the final product. Since we will be conducting formative evaluations throughout the design and development of this product it is necessary to facilitate these evaluations in the actual environment for which the finished product will be used.
Formative Evaluation:

The formative evaluation stage is where each prototype of the product will be evaluated by the target audience (users) and experts. These evaluations are necessary for revisions and modifications that may be needed to ensure that the finished product meets its overall objectives.

Phase One of our formative evaluation is completed!

  • Phase One: Formative Evaluation of Units 1 & 2
    • To see how we conducted our first evaluation click here.
    • To see some of the revisions we made to our interface based on this evaluation click here.
  • Phase Two: Formative Evaluation of Units 3 & 4
  • Phase Three: Formative Evaluation of Units 5
  • Phase Four: Formative Evaluation of CBT Version
Summative Evaluation:

The summative evaluation stage is where the finished product is tested by the target audience to validate its effectiveness.

  • Phase Five: Summative Evaluation of WBT and CBT Version


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