This evalution has only one stage. Visual Design Experts will review the actual Web-based Training Course. Below is a link the Web-Based Training Course. The corresponding evaluation instruments are also provided for your review. Please follow the steps as stated below to complete this evaluation. The documents provided here require Adobe Acrobat Reader™ or Microsoft Word XP.

Carefully review the program and complete the "Visual Design Prototype Evaluation" instrument. If any part of the interface has poor graphical illustrations such as poor coloration, or inappropriate use of visual design principles please mark your comments in the area provided on the evaluation instrument. You may attach additional sheets of paper as needed. This evaluation will take approximately thirty minutes to complete.
  1. Review the Choral Trainer Prototype
  2. Evaluate the Choral Trainer Prototype
  3. Submit your results to:
    • Tammé McCowin via email
      • Download the instrument to your hard drive and complete the electronic form and email it. (You will be able to type your response in the form fields)
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